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I was reading the article “What can designers do to help tackle the climate change crisis?” in designweek.co.uk. This is a topic that I hadn’t fully considered before. As a designer, I didn’t necessarily see myself as someone who could dramatically affect climate change. However, I think I can do more than I may have realized.

First, let me say that I’ve always done what I consider to be everything possible to decrease my family, my business and my own impact on the world’s ecosystem. Some examples:

  • We own two Priuses, one of which is a plugin, for all our major transportation needs.
  • We walk or bike when possible.
  • We recycle or reuse everything that we consider possible.
  • We purchase 50% of our electrical needs from wind power through a company called Arcadia Power.
  • We added solar power panels to our garage roof so now at least 30% of our power is coming from the sun.
  • I use recycled paper when possible for my print projects.
  • I carefully consider and recommend to my clients the most environmentally-conscious materials when ordering their print materials.

But, this article had some additional ideas to take into consideration.

  • Encouraging going to digital instead of using print materials.
  • Using our abilities as emotive communicators to make climate change messages “truly resonate” with people.
  • Do what we can to encourage our clients to create “consumer products that last”.
  • Be ethical in who we work with.

“If we all made a decision to only work for people who are doing good by our planet, then the best-looking brands on the shelves would also be the ones with an eye on our future,” says Katie Cadwell, senior designer at Supple Studio. “We should be using our powers for good.”

Now that’s a message that resonates with me. Let’s use design for good. We can all help to make a difference.