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I was discussing taglines with a client of mine and thought this would be a good post for this blog. Our discussion was based on fixing what I viewed as a poor tagline. To me, it lacked the important qualities that a tagline needs to be effective. A good tagline should be a powerful, condensed, compact declaration of your brand. Taglines show their value when customers connect to your brand’s distinction in this short, simple statement.

This statement needs to encapsulate the feeling you want people to have about your brand. You should take great care in creating one. The key is having a clear sense of what your brand is. And for that, you have to figure out what are the most distinctive qualities about your product or service offerings. What makes your current customers continue to choose you over your competitors? Once you establish this, you’re on your way to creating an effective tagline.

Some tagline creation suggestions:

  • Start with a creative brief: a one page document that identifies:
    • Your company/organization’s goal
    • Your target audience
    • Your most compelling attribute
  • Translate that creative brief into a tagline filtered through your brand’s personality.
  • Decide on a voice and attitude for your brand
  • If you get stuck, choose a professional to help you
  • Once you get a tagline, commit to it and put it on everything you do.

Very often, it’s difficult for an insider to see the attributes that make their company/organization compelling. We get engulfed in every aspect that makes our companies function and can overlook the overall attributes that make our customers choose us. An analysis from an outsider can very often help you get to the heart of your brand. Give us a call or email if you could use some assistance with this.