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To me, typography has a voice. It can be forceful. Timid. Upscale. Cheap. Persistent. Animated. This is somewhat subjective and can vary depending on the viewers’ perspective. It is, however, a significant part of how you communicate to your audience. And finding the right voice for your company or organization takes careful thought and care.


Take a look at the examples below:

Can you guess the products/companies behind the examples above? One is Audi. One is Mini. One is Dodge Ram. I’ll bet you can guess it even without seeing the rest of the ad.

They are all basically trying to sell the same thing. Vehicles. However, they each have different audiences they need to speak to. And finding the right voice can make the difference between being ignored and being heard. And the typography behind the message can make the difference.

I love typography. It gives design a distinctive voice and personality that, in essence, gives life to the piece. Want to launch a new communications project with a voice that is forceful, timid, upscale, cheap, persistent, animated or impactful? Just let me know. I’ll bet I have a typographic solution that will help you give it a voice that your target market will want to listen to.

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