Evolv Design
Creating meaningful change in web and print design.
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Welcome. We're Evolv Design. And we're here to help you with your design and marketing needs:

Our goal is simple. From our first meeting until the very end of each project, we approach all the challenges with devotion and dedication to your design needs.

We have no intentions to grow Evolv Design beyond what it is today. We are a team of two: Patrick and Lisa McCarty. We provide an amazing, hyper-focused service for a select number of clients. You get our full attention. Always.

Oh, and then there's Nikko. Our spokesmonkey. He's a poo-flinging wordsmith who is eager to prove Darwin was onto something with that natural selection thing.

Website and interactive media design


We strive to create a digital experience that is easily understandable and organizes information clearly, while being contemporary, attention-grabbing, and visually engaging. Because we are small, you would become one of our most important clients. You will always be able to reach us quickly and efficiently via email, text, phone and/or in person. We will do everything possible to ensure you’re happy with our work, and if any problems do arise, we will quickly address it.

Print marketing design


Print marketing design including: annual reports, brochures, corporate communications, sustainability reports, and capital campaigns. Our goal is to create materials that influence your audience and further your mission. We use our understanding of strategic messaging and communication to do it. Couple that with a strong design sense, and the result is more than a good-looking presentation. It’s an effective one.

Identity design and brand standards systems design


You want your brand image to stand out and stick with your audience — Evolv Design provides a unique understanding of marketing logic informed by intuitive creative thinking and market research. Our perspective allows us to craft ideas that stick with your audience and make a lasting impact with your image.