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Digital marketing trends for 2015

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Last year, digital marketing accounted for 25% of all marketing dollars spent. And according to a Gartner survey, that will rise to 33% this year. As a nonprofit, it’s essential to plan and implement your digital marketing strategies in areas considered most important in 2015.

Based on an article in the Huffington Post, here are some predicted areas for concentration:

1. Email marketing

Create smarter, more targeted content that speaks to your audience.

2. Building connections by building relationships

Your audience will give to organizations that they know, like and trust. Social media helps establish personal relationships quickly and for very little cost. Nonprofits that connect by being more authentic and human will be the winners in 2015.

3. Mobile-first

This has been a growing trend and has become even more essential in 2015. Google has even begun to penalize non-mobile-friendly site in organic searches. The percentage of visitors coming to websites and receiving their email with mobile devices is getting larger and larger. This creates a need to simplify and craft content that work well on all devices.

These three trends, from a list of seven, were the ones that I think will resonate most with nonprofits. Please feel free to contact me if I can help get your nonprofit’s digital marketing in line and moving your organization forward.