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Thoughts and knowledge shared about design - Part 2

Data visualization: The powerful influence of designers and data

I was reading a very engaging story on infographics in the current issue of Smithsonian and thought it might be relevant to share my perspective on this subject. The story begins with a summary of how infographics and data visualization have influenced events throughout history. Incredibly, it’s a very old, dating back 8,000 years. However,…

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It’s all about voice.

  To me, typography has a voice. It can be forceful. Timid. Upscale. Cheap. Persistent. Animated. This is somewhat subjective and can vary depending on the viewers' perspective. It is, however, a significant part of how you communicate to your audience. And finding the right voice for your company or organization takes careful thought and…

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It’s all about the process.

Successful design generally follows a path. The path normally takes these steps: Problem definition and research Concept/idea development Design development Execution Evaluation Seems simple, right? However, along the way the path has forks that will influence the design. Influences like trends, business operations, clients' opinions, and the end users/viewers' opinions all factor into the direction…

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