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2013 Web marketing trends to grow your business

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I was reading an article this morning on internet marketing trends for 2013 on startupnation.com. There were 13 trends that they highlighted in 2013. While some that were mentioned fall more into the short-lived fad category, most were trends vital for remaining relevant and necessary in 2013 to maximize your revenue and growth.

The first one, “design matters“, of course made my morning. It does matter. Good design is becoming more and more valued and well-regarded in the business community. With companies like Apple, Nike, and Google setting the example, design is no longer considered mere decoration but instead a critical element to all they do. Companies that make design a priority are excelling in the marketplace.

The second trend they highlight, “marketing goes visual“, is not a new thing for 2013 but still worth a mention. Using elements like infographics to explain and add interest to data is a growing trend that’s making inroads into more marketing mixes. Creating visual interest will remain a growing trend and is always a challenge. I enjoy exploring new ways to create visually dynamic imagery to my projects—both web-based and print-based.

The third trend on their list, “parallax design“, to me falls into the fad category. This effect can be quite interesting when done well and certainly can add visual interest to a website. You can see examples at the following websites: Cadillac ATS and Activate. However, I don’t see this making a vital long-term effect on business.

The fourth trend, “mobile, mobile, mobile“, is definitely a trend that will make a vital long-term effect on business. This trend is growing at such a tremendous rate that it should be number two on the list. Smartphones are becoming ubiquitous in our society. Companies and organizations need to take great efforts to make their web presence mobile-friendly. Responsive web design—making sites easy to read and navigate on monitors as well as mobile devices—is the major trend affecting web designers like me. I created my first responsive web site last year (can be seen here: to see how it works, resize your browser window). I see this trend becoming a must-have for most businesses and organizations from now on.

The rest of the trends on the list are also worthy of review by most businesses and organizations. Take a look if you have a chance and let me know what you think is the trend to watch in the future. Email me or add your thoughts below.