CV International mini-booklet

CV International, a global logistics company, requested our help with creating a mini-booklet to use for sales and marketing. They saw a mini-booklet at a trade show and thought the scale was a unique way to present their services. It required them to pare down their marketing messages to its simplest form to fit the scale of the booklet.

We began by creating various design options using photography and illustration to tell their story. They decided an illustrative style allowed us to convey complex messages in a way that was clear and concise. And, it’s unlike any other logistics company’s marketing materials. Since “Discover our difference” was the main message, this was very important.

We created a 16-page booklet with a mix of custom and stock illustrations to tell the story.

The client was very happy with the final result as well as the process of how we work with them on the development process. They felt a true sense of ownership of the design because they played a crucial role in its creation.