Small business marketing in a tough economy

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I was recently reading an article in Entrepreneur magazine that had some useful advice for small business marketing in a downturn. I’ve borrowed some of the suggestions and changed a few that I felt missed the mark. Below are five suggestions to consider: 1. Value, not price, will make you stand out. Cost is paramount in the minds of many consumers. But, it’s not as overriding as you might think. The worth of something compared to the price paid or asked for it is the most decisive part of the sale. For example: If your buyers believe your price is … Continued

Small is powerful

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This was the subtitle of a book I was reading this morning: “Speak Human: Outmarket the Big Guys by Getting Personal”. Here’s an excerpt: Small businesses in the United States alone “produce 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms” and “create more than half of nonfarm private gross domestic product.” They’re a huge economic driver, and they add to the cultural fabric and diversity of our communities. But for some reason we tend to think they should all try to get bigger. Systemize, grow, franchise, retire, and get a boat somewhere; is this really all there is … Continued

The power of taglines

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I was discussing taglines with a client of mine and thought this would be a good post for this blog. Our discussion was based on fixing what I viewed as a poor tagline. To me, it lacked the important qualities that a tagline needs to be effective. A good tagline should be a powerful, condensed, compact declaration of your brand. Taglines show their value when customers connect to your brand’s distinction in this short, simple statement. This statement needs to encapsulate the feeling you want people to have about your brand. You should take great care in creating one. The … Continued

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